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Commercial Mold Issue | Gainesville, FL


Commercial Mold Removal


Commercial Client in Gainesville, FL


Aug 5, 2023

A commercial client in Gainesville, FL called us with concerns about a mold issue in one of their older work areas.

Upon our arrival, you can see visible mold growth present on some of the walls and ceilings. We developed and plan of action and performed the following:

  1. Deployment of HEPA Filtration, containment, and air scrubbers in affected area
  2. HEPA vacuumed all walls, doors, trim surfaced with visible microbial growth
  3. Wiped down all affected walls and surfaces with a surfactant
  4. Wiped down all affected surfaces with an anti-microbial
  5. Floor protection during remediation
  6. Encapsulated and painted the affected areas

Once this was complete, the facility was restored to its pre-loss condition.

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