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Solving a Residential Mold Issue | The Villages, FL


Residential Mold Removal


Resident in The Villages, FL


Jan 5, 2024

A couple living in The Villages, FL started experiencing a mold issue due to a slow leak inside of their laundry room wall. As a result of the slow leak, mold growth occurred inside of the wall cavity causing health issues for the homeowners.

We contained the area from the rest of the home, set up negative air pressure, and sealed off all cabinets. We then removed the drywall around the affected area and treated it with anti-microbial agents. We also set up dehumidification and air scrubbers.

The dehu's and air scrubbers ran for a few days while we also performed several micro-cleanings with a HEPA vacuum of the wall cavity and affected rooms. Once the micro-cleaning was complete, we checked moisture readings of the baseplate and affected studs to ensure they were fully dry.

We also sealed the wall with plastic and had a post-test completed. Once the test came back clear, we began the remodel. The home was restored to a healthy condition.

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