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Why You Should Always Use a LOCAL Mold Expert

Read on to learn why you should stay local when looking for a mold expert.

February 6, 2024

Local is always better–especially when you’re talking about mold remediation. Finding a local mold expert is the best way to ensure quality service and accountability. Read on to learn why working with a mold company in your area is ideal.

A professional mold remediator wearing PPE.

3 Reasons Why Using a Local Mold Expert Is Best

The main reasons why you should work with a local mold expert include the following:

  1. Accountability
  2. Knowledge of Local Laws
  3. Understanding of the Local Environment

1. Accountability

When you’re working with a mold remediator from out-of-state, it’s much more challenging to hold them accountable. Working with a local mold expert usually means you’re calling the company directly via a local number and they often have an office location for you to visit if you have difficulty contacting them.

A mold removal expert performing micro-cleaning.

Moreover, local remediators live in the communities they serve so you’re likely to run into them at the local supermarket. This tends to keep companies honest as opposed to fly-by-night companies who are “here today and gone tomorrow.”

2. Knowledge of Local Laws

The state of Florida has unique challenges when it comes to mold compared to other states. For example, it’s unlawful for the same company to do both the mold assessment and the remediation on the same project. The law prevents potential conflicts of interest and protects the consumer.

Local mold experts here in Florida know the laws, building codes, regulations, and required certifications.

3. Understanding of the Local Environment

Again, Florida is unique. Since we live on a peninsula, mold is abundant. We face high humidity, warm temperatures, and plenty of food sources for mold, year-round. A local mold remediation expert has a firm understanding of the local climate and will provide you with the most robust knowledge and expertise concerning your mold problem.

North Florida Mold Remediators has over 70+ years of combined industry experience working specifically in the state of Florida. This level of experience is unmatched.

North Florida Mold Remediators Is Your Trusted Local Mold Expert

If you live in Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Lake City, or the surrounding areas, reach out to North Florida Mold Remediators today for expert mold services!

Our experienced team will provide you with helpful guidance to give you all of the information you need to make the best decisions concerning your home or office.

Michael Ovens

Licensed Mold Remediator

Owner/Operator with 20 years experience

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