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Removing Mold

Removing Mold Is Crucial

Read on to learn why removing mold is crucial.

February 6, 2024

Killing mold isn’t enough. Even dead mold is harmful to humans and pets. Mold must be REMOVED from your home or business if you want to solve your mold problem. Removing mold is synonymous with mold remediation. Read on to learn about mold removal and why it’s important.

What's the Process for Removing Mold?

Many lay people (and sadly some “professional” remediators) are under the false notion that you can just kill mold to solve your mold problems. Killing mold isn’t effective because it doesn’t remove the toxins. Mold remains toxic even after it’s dead.

Many property owners will attempt to deal with mold through DIY techniques like painting over it with Kilz. Some will attempt to actually remove the affected materials like drywall but fail to prevent the mold spores from becoming aerosolized. Mold must be methodically and meticulously removed from a home or business.

Removing Mold Properly Involves the Following

Mold removal involves the following.

  • Pre-Testing & Post-Testing
  • Containment
  • Ducted/Negative Air
  • Air Scrubbers

Pre-Testing & Post-Testing

When you first suspect that you have mold, it’s important to call a qualified professional to perform testing. This professional will take indoor and outdoor samples which will then be sent to a lab to identify your issue. The professional with then put together a protocol which must then be followed by a qualified mold removal professional.

Once the mold remediation is complete, samples will be taken again to ensure the property is free of contaminants.


During the mold removal process, proper containment will be installed to isolate the affected area(s) from the rest of the property. Mold spores can float for up to 8 hours in your home or office’s air. It can also be carried off to other parts of the property via airflow from HVAC systems.

Therefore, your mold remediation professional will build a temporary containment around the working area and safely remove the mold from your home. The affected material is bagged and sealed up before leaving the containment for disposal.

Ducted/Negative Air

Negative air is set up once the temporary containment is constructed. This pulls air into the direction of the affected area, preventing spores from contaminating other parts of the property.

Proper negative air in a containment is visible by looking at the containment’s plastic. The plastic will appear to be pulled “inward” toward the affected room/area.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are also used for removing mold. They will often be placed immediately outside of the threshold into the containment area. This adds another layer of protection in case any spores are pulled into the unaffected area as crews are moving in and out of the containment.

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Michael Ovens

Owner & Certified Mold Remediator

Michael is an experienced remediator with over 20 years in his field.

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